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    • Millennials Perceptions of Gentrification in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

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  • This project examines how millennials who are non-homeowners make sense of gentrification in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. According to New Zealand politicians and media, millennials face unprecedented hardship within the housing market, with unaffordable housing and supply shortages becoming commonplace in many cities. To alleviate these burdens, the New Zealand government has deregulated planning legislations to open up cities for densification and redevelopment, marketed as regeneration projects. However, these projects are fast-resembling a shift towards mass state-led gentrification, placing lower-income groups at risk of further housing instability and insecurity. This research project discusses two key findings by analysing focus group data from four millennials living in Onehunga, a suburb currently undergoing gentrification. It is argued that millennials view gentrification through two ideological lenses of egalitarianism and tall poppy syndrome, both of which are deeply entrenched attitudes within New Zealand culture. These lenses pose insights and further challenges as to how processes like gentrification that are propounded by inequality are understood and countered by those at most risk of being adversely affected.
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