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    • The Intersection of Space Laws and Intellectual Property Rights: A Narrative for Space Sustainability

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  • The past decades have been crucial; climate scientists have warned various agencies about the ill effects of global warming on the Earth, referring to our house being on fire. As multiple facets of the economy work to tackle this problem, there has been a search for a new home similar to the Earth and can sustain life. With developed space organisations, governments across the globe have taken up the task of exploration, space being a possible solution. Nevertheless, such activities have stirred debates and discussions regarding the sustainability of these missions and preserving outer space for the future. Moreover, it has led to the generation of enormous amounts of space junk. As nations invest in commercialisation, sustainable development in space is forgotten. It can act as a barricade for future growth, eliminating access to Outer Space. These challenges can be mitigated by using certain IP oriented solutions and strengthening space and IP regimes to ensure a greener, sustainable and developed technology. The essay has relied on secondary data, with close readings and a literature review. The author has limited the scope of this essay towards achieving sustainability in space through sustainable IP development.


    Keywords: Conventions, Technology, Intellectual Property, Space Debris, Space Sustainability.

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